Leather Headquarters at the CME 2015

We visit the Leather Headquarters booth at the 2015 Colorado Motorcycle Expo to learn about their stores in Las Vegas from Owner Michael Snyder. Michael shows us some of the great custom biker style leather products they make and sell like leather jackets, vests, boots, women’s tops, purses, chaps and motorcycle helmets. Find out on their website where Leather Headquarters will be traveling to next at a trade show near you.

3 thoughts on “Leather Headquarters at the CME 2015

  1. Peter

    Y’all should open a store in Destin, FL as well as North and Southern Georgia, why those locations, for convenience and spreading your business and attract more customers!

    1. Cherrie Kessler

      Unfortunately we don’t carry a lot of children’s clothes. We do have two Children’s jackets, one of them is a Harley Davidson 59.99. The largest size in that one is a large 16/18. The other one we only have sizes Xs and sm

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