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Leather Headquarters March Madness Sales Event!

All Global Vision Sunglasses – 20% Off

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All DOT Helmets – 15% Off

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BADASS HELMETS now at Leather Headquarters



Leather Headquarters is excited to introduce the BADASS line of helmets on sale now in our stores and our travelling booth. Badass Helmets are the most comfortable DOT helmets on the market and we love to offer their wonderful product for you here at Leather Headquarters!

BADASS HELMET specializes in original helmet designs and 3-Dimensional Artistry on elmets. They’re the only custom hand fabricators in the helmet industry and are the only original 3D concept helmets in the world with real custom 3D “FX”. This original concept was created and developed by BADASS Imagineer Marix Stone in 1993 and recently worn by the Sons of Anarchy characters Opie and Juice.

Find us on their website: